Download recording to iPad for off-line viewing

Is there a way to do this from the Tablo App? Or is there any 3rd party app to do this in my iPad? Thanks in advance.

You could use Tablo Ripper to convert the show to an mp4 and then import it to the iPad…


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I was hoping this can be done right on the mobile app. The Netflix, Amz Prime, and DirecTv apps can do this right in the app. If there is a paid version of the Tablo App with this functionality, I will surely buy it. But then again the mentioned apps are free. My network security cameras app can even download camera videos from remote!

Request to Tablo developers: Please include download functionality of recorded programs in the Tablo app. Thanks.

It’s getting to be quite a popular request! Hopefully we can make it happen for you.

A big IF, you have an android device? (and for those who do)

no Apple device supported :frowning:

I only have Apple IOS devices. I will wait for Tablo app on iPad to have have this functionality, paid or free.