Double recordings in recordings list

I’m seeing two instances of shows in some of the recording lists.  It happened at least once before, and I didn’t think a lot of it, and then it happened again with the recent airing of 24.  The attached screenshot shows what I’m seeing in the iOS Tablo.  So…is the Tablo really using two tuners concurrently and double recording, or is this a display error within the app?  Anything I can do to fix it?

If you are in a city that picks up more than one CBS, FOX, NBC, etc, channel, then the Tablo will record once for each channel.  It’s been an issue since day one.

If he is seeing what I have seen in the past, it is two identical recordings–same time, same channel. To resolve it, I removed the channel and then added it back – two separate operations (plus I removed the scheduled programs on that channel and added them back.

I don’t think I’m getting doubles of anything; it’s the Minneapolis/St Paul market, Fox is KMSP here.  KMSP did convert recently from VHF to UHF, though places like TV Fool aren’t picking up on it yet.  I did re-scan twice in order to pick up the changes, but my scheduled recordings were set before that.  Perhaps having the scheduled recording during the channel change was the problem?  I’ll drop/re-add and see if that helps with it.

Well,  I removed all of the Fox stations, let it re-update all the guide data, and then I re-scanned and put them back.  Still am getting the duplicates in the guide data, through now it is very consistent…basically everything that is a Fox station has a duplicate entry when I attempt to pick up a show for recording.  Very strange.

@mnMark. This is exactly what I have seen. Perhaps I don’t remember correctly what I did to clear it. Maybe you need to do a reset.

@mnMark - Very weird! 

Send a note to @TabloSupport and they’ll look into it.