Double entries in Recordings/Recent

I’ve recently started getting double entries in Recordings/Recent on Apple TV.

That is, for each recent recording, there are TWO entries in the list.

If it is recording now, ONE of the entries will have the orange “recording now…”

I was having some trouble lately with freezes and it saying it lost network connection (hard-wired connection! for both Apple TV and Tablo). As a guess, I both rebooted and reduced the recording quality from 10mb/s to 5 mb/sec. Don’t know if either of these could have caused this.

Has anyone else experienced this bizarre behavior?

Are the double entries duplicates of one another? Or is it two parts of the same recording?
If it’s the latter, it could be that your experiencing poor reception on that channel, and that it’s causing the Tablo to reboot, and then resume recording. This would explain the double entries and the temporary network loss.

Actually, it is two separate recordings! I haven’t taken the time to see how they align. They don’t have the same material. Maybe it is segments due to a reboot…

For example I show TWO recordings of the Today Show, scheduled for 7AM to 9AM. One is 39 minutes. The other is 1 hour 20 minutes.

OK, duh, that adds up to 2 hours… so it must be segments.

It’s not so clear when the recording is in progress.

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