Don't record the same thing twice

Short Version: Skip manual recordings that are already scheduled by name match recordings.

Long Version: I’m trying to set up a series of manual recordings in 30 minute increments for 4 channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) during prime time (7pm - 10pm) everyday keeping the 20 most recent.

These recordings should always be skipped if anything needs to record.

I may be wrong but it seems that if the manuel recordings names start with “99” they will be lower priority when the guide updates. It seems the order is A-Z then 0-9 with symbols and “The” being ignored. (I’m unsure as to where a-z would fit in)

Oddly setting a manual recording to start a minute late (or early) doesn’t seem to effect the priority.

The main problem is that if a manual recording is in part or in whole redundant with a name search recording it isn’t automatically skipped which causes unnecessary conflicts. I am assuming most people would prefer explicitly made name search recordings.

With manual recording, you are scheduling a “time” with no relation to what ever may be scheduled - it’s name is something arbitrary you give it.

This likely is what causes your issues. You naming is for you, tablo uses some ID to store it in its DB.