Does this work on Apple TV?

Can Apple TV add a Tablo channel?

The new AppleTv is a lot more open and the Tablo folks are developing an app for that platform. The current AppleTv platform is fairly closed, so there is almost no new apps for it.

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Only way to currently watch over AppleTV is via iPad/iPhone IOS device using AirPlay. Kinda sucks to tie up 2 devices for one TV show but that’s the way it’s done.

Found this interesting, unrelated to Tablo, but interesting

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LOL, Pi**ing match between Amazon Video and iTunes video. :laughing:

I’m very disappointed in their retaliation against those companies. They have positioned themselves with the appearance of selling all brands and this move is contrary to that. I started this thread because I can’t get captions for Tablo on my pc. I have an Ipad 2 so I’m going to get a video cord for it for when I want captioning on my tv.

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As the others have said there isn’t a tablo channel for the current Apple TV, but you can change your trailers app to access Plex which has a tablo channel. This is how we currently use our tablo.

That’s pretty interesting, mb190e, is that difficult to change the trailers app to Plex? Does captioning work?

Have you confirmed no Closed Captions on the PC with Tablo directly?