Does the Tablo Plex app support plex sync?

Does the tablo plex app support the plexpass sync feature?  Would be handy to sync a few shows for offline viewing while on the road and not eat up mobile bandwidth.

@dwt12777 I have asked @Davidvr about this because I wanted to know also.

Remember the plex Tablo channel is not written by Tablo, rather 3rd party

It tried it, doesn’t seem to work.  You get Sync option, and it will add to your Sync list, but it just stop when trying to sync it.

@dwt12777 @Jestep I spent a lot of time trying to get it to work but in the end it seems that channel support for syncing just isn’t there and I was informed by one of the plex dev’s that there are several bugs preventing it but no guarantee’s when they are going to fix it. 

Makes sense @Davidvr.  Thanks for the heads up and for the cool channel!