Does Tablo work under Internet Explorer for anyone?

I wanted to go ahead and separate this from another topic.   Tablo Support seems to think that IE 11 works with the Tablo, but it doesn’t for me.  I have tried it on a Surface RT, Windows7, and Windows8.1.   The web app will see the Tablo and even sync with it.   But after the sync, it just presents a blank screen.

On my Win8 phone, it gets stuck at the “Connecting” screen.   The circle icon is spinning and the words “Connecting…” and “Closing database” are on the screen.   It used to get farther than that (but still never worked).

Has anyone had any luck with IE?  If so, which version, and did you have to do anything special with the IE settings?

@snowcat it’s not supported yet as it needs more testing, but it should at least work better than what you’re experiencing.

From IE11, try going to Internet Options, Browsing History, Delete… and then delete "Cookies and website data"

Let me know if that helps

I just tried it at home using both the Surface RT and my desktop, and it still didn’t help.  

It doesn’t work for me either in IE 11 under Windows 7. It syncs and then I get a blank screen.

I’m testing under Win 8.1, IE11, in a virtual machine though. It works quite well actually – only a few little issues.

I’m also using the desktop version of IE11. I tried the Metro one and it appeared to work but then I wasn’t able to play a recording.

I’ll try a Win7 version of IE11 and see what happens

Ditto, IE11 does not work for me but chrome does.  Same problems as above.