Does Tablo reboot if you disconnect/reconnect the antenna?

I’ve noticed that if I disconnect/reconnect the antenna, I lose my connection to Tablo, and the light on the front starts flashing. Once the light stops flashing, I can connect again.

Is this a reboot? Why would disconnecting the antenna reboot?

And what does the flashing green light mean?

I have the 4-tuner model.

As with my other post (asking the meaning of the rescan numbers) it seems there is arbitrary feedback that is not easily understood. Nothing I’ve seen explains the flashing green light.

When I needed to disconnect the antenna, I’ve always unplugged the Tablo before doing so then plugged it back in after I connected the antenna back. So I can’t directly answer your question. But I do know the Tablo would reboot if there was an unstable signal channel in the line up. Disconnecting the antenna while the Tablo is running would be the ultimate unstable signal. Are you actively watching or recording a channel during this disconnect?

As far as the green light, where is this light on your Tablo? I have the original 2 tuner and the light on the front is blue. I didn’t think the 4 tuner was any different as far as outside appearance. But that light will blink when Tablo is booting up or during a upgrade (but that may be the reboot process). The only green light that I can think of is the one on the ethernet port. But I’m guessing that is not the one your referring to.

Yes if you’re going to unplug the OTA antenna coax cable, power off your Tablo first (aka unplug the wall wart from the electrical outlet).

That is ridiculous!

Well, of course, there will be times when the signal is unstable. Why would anybody design such a fragile thing?!

So, if you have bad weather, and lose a channel temporarily, the thing will reboot?!

This thing goes back to Amazon!

kevlp3000: sorry, yes, the light is blue, not green. If you unplug the coax, it starts flashing.

hello Jon Tara, all I’ve seen from my tablo is inconsistent with the behaviors you report for yours. i’ve only had it a week but certain crucial local-channels signals come and go daily and it has not rebooted unexpectedly… best regards…

I wasn’t making a statement, but posing a question/speculation.

Since we KNOW that it reboots if you disconnect the antenna, I was wondering if it might do the same thing if it just loses a channel. If not, it’s hard to imagine why it would be different to lose ALL channels.

Even your actual TV instruction manual usually indicates you should unplug your TV when messing with the coax.

But I’ve been able to remove the coax from tablo when the tuners aren’t in use without it rebooting.

Disconnecting the Tablo antenna shouldn’t cause a reboot, unless the Tablo is actively tuned into a weak signal channel, either Live TV, or recording.

My Tablos have a blue LED, but the flashing has varying meanings:

I don’t believe it was their intention.
They recommend a good antenna, and they probably have way better antennas than we do, so they’re wondering why we complain about weak signals crashing our Tablos, cuz it never happens to them.

Weak signal is their achilles heal.