Does Tablo offer a Playlist?

Is there an option to set the Tablo to play a pre-selected series of recordings one after the other without intervention? I often donate platelets, which involves not been able to use either arm for about 2 hours. I can access my Tablo via the internet from the donation site, but can’t operate even a hand held remote during the donation.

It has been requested, but that functionality does not exist. Since it isn’t standard DVR functionality, I doubt it gets implemented.

Darn Netflix for spoiling us. :wink:

Thanks for giving platelets. I give whole blood regularly, but giving platelets is pretty difficult for me.

If you use one of the apps the community has made, you can copy them off to a usb thumb drive, then create a plalist using VLC or something similar. Then connect usb drive to computer and start it prior to beginning to donate.

HOW? It should be clear from my original question I don’t know how to do whatever you suggested.

This is a great idea, mate! I always wait until I have 2-3 episodes of a show recorded before I start watching. Could be like the Netflix binge watching…