Does Tablo have a Power Save mode when idle?

I was relocating my Tablo and noticed that the bottom plate was very warm/hot (no recordings in progress).  Does Tablo have the capability to enter into a power-save/reduced-power mode when idle?

@mbellaire - Tablo does have a sleep mode when not recording. It will be warm, but it shouldn’t be so hot that you can’t handle it. 

Mine runs pretty hot too, I repositioned it on it’s side to let it have more ventilation.

TabloTV - you are correct, it isn’t so hot that you can’t handle it.  I have a laser temp sensor and am going to check the temperature of the bottom plate at idle, and during a recording (or when watching live TV).

I see there are what look like cooling slots along the short sides of the unit, because they point down it almost makes me want to place the unit upside down to let the warm air move out of the unit.  Surprised that there aren’t any cooling vents directly on the sides of the Tablo (guess your engineers determined they weren’t necessary).

@mbellaire - Yes, we’ve tested the components and even though the unit gets warm, it’s still within safe operating temperatures. The 4-Tuner unit will have a bit of a different housing with more vents as it’ll be doing more work. 

My Tablo has been inactive for a few hours and I just measured the temperature on the bottom, about 106-107F.  I then started up a recording to exercise at least one of the tuners.  After about 10 minutes same result, 106-107F.  Is the power save mode supposed to let the unit cool a little when idle, or is is strictly power saving only?

I just received the 4 tuner model yesterday.  Works great with no problems.  I am concerned as above that the unit runs too hot and may create a fire hazard.  Although I can handle my unit, it is definitely uncomfortable to the touch.  In fact, I was so concerned that I unplugged the unit for the night and am unsure weather to keep it plugged in.  Any recommendations?  I do not want to submit my family to fire risk.