Does Live TV Playback Work with the iPhone 6 in iOS 9.3.2?

Hi, I just purchased a Tablo device and can record, playback, watch live TV shows just fine on my Apple TV and iPad Pro 9.7, even remotely on my iPad. However, my iPhone 6 Tablo App (2.2.10) doesn’t have a Play button when I go to a Live TV program, just a Record button.

I’ve read others here say they can play back Live TV shows on their iPhones, so I must ask what the secret is for doing this. When I go to Live TV area and select a program from the Guide (a currently running show, not one scheduled to start in the next time segment), only a Rec button shows up, with the options to Record All Episodes or Record New Episodes. I can’t find a Play button anywhere. On my iPad, the Play button appears over the photo at the top of the screen for the selected show, but there’s no button there on my iPhone’s app.

So, what am I missing?

Thanks for listening…

I don’t see a play button either; but you can press the channel number in the grid view to play live TV.

Thanks! That works fine.

Yes, is how it works on all phones, Apple and Android.

Thanks for the feedback!