Does anyone have experience using this on an Android TV Box? like Minix Neo X5?

One more question about tablo, I am reading about closed captioning, does it work via the android app (for the tv box)?

CC has been hit or miss for me with the iPad and it’s the more polished of the two apps. But it has been brought up before and Tablo has indicated they’ll fix it.

One more question about tablo, I am reading about closed captioning, does it work via the android app (for the tv box)?

Closed Captioning is just for the Roku and iPad for now.

Thank you every one for your help, there seems to be a lot of kinks to work out, I have negotiated, a discount with my current provider for another 6 months, I will keep Tablo in my thoughts and see how things are progressing at that time. 

@sgwebb - If you have any questions in the meantime, you know where to find us. We’ve got some neat stuff to announce at CES as well so stay tuned :) 

Thought I'd share my experience on Set Top Android Boxes in this thread.

Background:  I have a dual tuner Tablo and it works very well on most of my devices:

    • iPad is great;
    • Roku is great;
    • Plex Channel is good (3rd party did a good job);
    • Chrome Browser - OK on Linux, but it video stutters badly on Windows (I suspect an Adobe flash problem).

I have a MyGica ATV520 Dual Core Android Set Top Box (Running Android 4.2.2, Reports Model as "MBX Reference Board (stvmx)"). This device plays XBMC and Youtube fine and has no problems rendering 720p or 1080p.  I can't get the Tablo Android app to play on my device. 

I have downloaded the latest Tablo App (version 1.0.12) from the Play Store and allowed the Tablo Video Player install add on when prompted. I can launch the Android Tablo app and connect/sync to my device just fine. When I try to watch something, the video player seems to open and quickly shows loading/buffering as as expected, but the video never plays. The behaviour is the same whether I try Live or Recorded. I have even tried a SD (480p) recording to see if that would help. No difference.

I've read the Tablo forums and saw the tip to try the "Set Orientation" app - This didn't help either (tried Landscape, Portrait, Automatic and Automatic (full)). I tried the legacy Tablo app, but since my Android box is wired internet to my LAN and has no WiFi, this was a dead end.

I filed a ticket with Tablo support and they replied that their Android App is for tablets and they are focusing their efforts now on the Fire TV Stick and the Nexus.  I think the Fire TV stick uses the same version of Android (4.2.2) that I have, so maybe they will find/fix something that I benefit from incidentally.

I'm getting by using the Tablo channel in Plex on my MyGica ATV520 to access my Tablo.  It  lacks a few features (ability to catch up to a recording in progress), but works perfectly and has no video problems on my Android Box.  It may be a useful alternative to the Tablo Android App for other people with Android boxes.


When they release the AFTV app or the Nexus app, sideload those and they may work on your box. Till then you’ll have to wait patiently, it’s not as popular as the Roku or Amazon devices.