Does anyone else see that purple splotch?

You know… that big purple splotch in your vision after you start up the Roku Tablo channel on your big ass TV in a dark room.

Dear <insert deity here>!

Why, oh why, Tablo, did you decide to use a bright-white color scheme! Honestly, it is very uncomfortable to view the roku channel (especially those pages with a lot of white background) in a dark room.

I’m forced to agree here.  For morning news we watch through the Plex channel, which is much kinder to the vision in a darkened room.

@cedarrapidsboy and @Pundit this was on our radar. It should be addressed in the next update.

@TabloHash, is it a lightbulb? :-P  :))


Almost there! The Roku channel has a darker background… but you still blast us with that super-white splash screen!


Thanks for fixing the splash screen!