Does anyone actually test the Tablo software?

Between the Tablo firmware, clients (AppleTV, Roku, etc) and the web interface, this is the buggiest application I can remember.

Latest issue…editing the channel line up after the initial channel scan and channel selection does not work. After changing the channel line up and “adding it to the guide” the little icon at the bottom just keeps turning. If you reset the Tablo, channels are missing and you have to the reattempt a channel guide scan. But wait, that does the same thing again. Have to factory reset the box to resolve this issue.

Then add the reboots when selecting weak signal channels…

Then the channel names mismatch between the guide and channel scan (known bug). This should have been resolved and a quick firmware released.

I can go on and on. Someone needs to look at the development cycle and system and application testing and resolve these bugs!! If I can find these bugs within a few hours of use, why can’t the developers, testers and beta testers???

Also, support is only available M-F 8-5 EST. What about the people that work day jobs? How can they interface with support with these times?

This product has potential but these issues are preventing it from being a reliable mainstream product.

You’re not wrong. There are tons of bugs and issues. Part of it is the width of the field the developers have to cover - a wide range of devices, operating systems (Android, IOS, Windows, the base Linux Tablo runs on…).

Whatever we would like to believe, Tablo is still a niche product and their resources are probably severely limited and strained to the max.

I’m pretty sure that, like many other players in today’s field, management’s eventual goal is simply to get a buy-out from one of the bigger players in the field. I’ve seen it many times. Won’t be the first. As soon as they have a useful product that needs substantial resources, a nice patent inventory and name recognition, they’re ripe for a buy-out. - See the sad and tragic history of Nest, for instance. I’ve seen it with irrigation controllers, navigation systems, and a host of others.

You can, of course, sign up for the beta programs - that way you’ll get to the bugs a little sooner. :smiley:

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…and then there are those of us that have been successfully using Table since it came out with very few problems, which makes one wonder if there is some sort of unique bug in your system that is solvable. Try getting support involved before you conclude the sky is falling. You might be surprised how well it will work out…

If everyone had these problems, your theory would hold more water.

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Although I have no specific evidence… over the past few years of owning a tablo and being on these forums the vast majority of problems people have ARE specific to their unique environments/locations … and those break down into three primary categories … none of which is really a fault of the TABLO or its design/company.

  1. Their wifi/wired networking setups (routers/networking gear) … problems either arise from using very old (and hopelessly out of date routers with no updates done since purchase, and/or using designs that were not intended to handle streaming 1080p video because they are simply too old. Secondly, problems arising from improperly configured home networks or interference from other neighbors/other RF sources {microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, metal studs in walls, etc}

  2. Antenna / Reception problems, using too small an antenna (ie. moho leaf or some other very small wrong antenna), improperly mounted or incorrectly positioned to the optimal direction, too far a distance from transmission towers with no preamps, (or the inverse too large an antenna for the relative close proximity of the transmission towers and/or making it worse by using a pre-amp). Obsticals in the way, like mountains, buildings or other man made or natural objects that block direct line-of-site from the transmission antenna(s).

  3. Reuse of old/poor home wiring, using old old old 20+ year old CATV wiring peppered with splitters before even getting to the TABLO causing the antenna signal to be poor before even getting to the Tablo.

I’ll admit, I did have to return my first Tablo way back when… but the replacement has worked fine. And Tablo has evolved so much since the early days. Overall, much, much better. Now… there have been some glitches along the way with Roku firmware updates and Tablo, but still, those issues got addressed, and things have been fine since.

They do test, but obviously it’s hard to test everything (every device and combo). And Tablo is going to catch the blame even when it’s Samsung’s fault (speaking of a very very real situation from the past).

I’ve seen a whole lot worse out there. Is Tablo perfect? No. But certainly competitive (visit the Tivo forums, lots of crying there, but usually without fixes).

I run beta and have PREVENTED a major bug from going to everyone. A couple of years ago all of the subchannels had the .1 channel. For example 18.4 programminf was 18.1. And of course this was discovered on a weekend so had to wait for Monday. I did mention it in the beta forum, so all the beta testers would know to check and find the problem too. It was fixed in a few days. Canada doesn’t have all the subchannels the US does.

Canada has like no sub-channels lol

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So it is easy to see how this was missed with inhouse testing prior to giving it to the beta testers. We (or at least I) knew problems might occur. We get new features first, but once in a while it is a problem that doesn"t make it to the released version and everyone is happy.