Do you see the FCC...Taxing OTA broadcasting one day?

Just wondering, I think they will, and that would lose a lot of customers.

How would they do that? Like in GB where you have to pay a per-tv tax?

I think it is more likely that as the broadcasters are gobbled up by the cable operators, they will decide to shut-down OTA to eliminate all the “freeloaders” who are cutting the cord. Oh, wait, that would be in Canada where all the broadcasters (except CBC and some PBS) are already owned by the cable companies (or the phone company) and you said FCC.

Okay, I think the above will happen in Canada, and then the U.S. cable companies will see how it kept the monopolies in power up here, so they follow suit.

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Does the FCC have authority to tax? I thought only Congress can impose a tax (and that said bill would have to originate in the House). Has Congress granted any such authority to the FCC? (Serious question…I really don’t know if they have.)


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