Do upcoming shows come up without a subscription?

I’ve been playing with, and giving up on, my own homebrew Tablo based on TVHeadend. One thing I did find useful, to my surprise, is that almost all channels broadcast their show lineup as data in the OTA channel. In the case of CBC Toronto, for instance, they listed everything going out three days.

So, if I don’t have the data subscription, does Tablo still grab the listings and show them in some sort of generic format? I’m considering spending the hundreds of dollars specifically go avoid monthly payments, no matter how cheap they might be.

This doesn’t answer your question but the way I avoided the monthly payments for the guide is to get the lifetime subscription.


No, the Tablo doesn’t use the station guide data broadcast OTA with each channel.

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you can see upcoming shows by station listing out 1 day without a subscription.

Hi @MauryMarkowitz - Here’s the chart of the difference between subscription and non-subscription Tablo features:

Without a subscription you’ll have access to 24 hours of guide data.

What you’re seeing in TVHeadend is called PSIP data. Tablo will not provide that. We found that while some stations do a good job of it, others provided data that was at best inaccurate or at worst non-existent which means we could not have created a quality recording engine based on it.

This is why we purchase good quality guide data from a provider so we can give both series and episode details, in-depth information flags for shows that are premiering or new so you can set series recordings as well as cover art.

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I purchased a lifetime subscription because it is applicable to any Tablo I can have present or in the future. The subscription is not tied to a specific device but to your account (and multiple Tablos).

Thanks for the great replies everyone!

One day of data is all I need so I guess I’m good to go. I’ll start some other threads for my other pre-sales questions.

@MauryMarkowitz - If you want to jot down all of your questions, you can always email, call, tweet or FB us as well.

Keep in mind that the Tablo Connect feature is also tied to the guide subscription. So if you don’t have a guide subscription, you cannot connect to your Tablo remotely. If you don’t need that, you are good, but if you are planning to view remotely, you might want to reconsider the guide. While I don’t usually watch remotely, I do sometimes like the convenience of being able to setup a recording when I am away from home.

Give yourself a wedding present. $5/month comes to $.16/day. Be brave. You’ll get the first month free to try it out. Cheers.
(No I don’t work for Tablo).