Do I new two guide subscriptions for two Tablos on same network?

I am buying a second Tablo. Ideally (if the signal from my antenna is sufficient), I would keep using both Tablos.

I would NEVER record one one, so my wife could always watch a show without getting the terrible “No tuner available” message. I would use the 4-tuner for actually recording shows.

But can I use a single guide subscription for both tablo DVRs both running on the same home network? Or would I require a second subscription?

It would be too expensive for me to pay for two subscriptions. So I am hoping it is possible to use a single guide subscription for both Tablo DVRs as long as they are on the same home network.

Does anyone know?



One subscription, any number of Tablos. I own 2 Tablos.


There is a maximum but it is more than 2 units.

Is it 3?
Is it 4?

Suspense… building… music playing…

Is it 5?
Is it 6?

Heartbeat getting faster… silence

(Stay tuned for scenes from next week’s powerful conclusion)


Thanks! Subscribing to one guide for two Tablo devices is fine.
Of course, splitting the signal between two Tablo devices may or may not be okay…
But I can try now and see how it goes.


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If it’s the same line, you may need an amplified splitter to help mitigate signal loss (I do this… have a lot of TV tuner devices).

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It appears you had the same thought I did regarding this issue. In case you don’t see my other responses I would name one Tablo “Recordings” and the other “Live TV” to make life it easier. I understand having a spouse that just want’s things to be simple. My wife has often said I’ve made things too complicated. Unfortunately for her I’m also a compulsive over explainer. The Tablo has simplified TV for us. My wife has been pleasantly surprised to find shows she watches turn up on the Tablo and she didn’t even know they were on. I was surprised how fast she took to it.