Do I have to reconnect Devices to Tablo after Software updates?

When we get a software update will the devices still work or do they have to be reconnected to the Tablo while on the same network? I ask because my niece moved to Cincinatti but synced her tablet with my Tablo before she left. She wants to watch the Packer games but obviously they don’t put them on TV down there.

Is there a way to keep a device registered or re-register it to a Tablo without having it local to the same network the Tablo is on? Thanks

I have had my phone at work, done a reboot remotely for the firmware upgrade, and have it still connect after it is done.

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The pairing usually lasts through an update. However, eventually the device will become unpaired if your WAN IP changes, router reboots, etc.

The pairing can last days to months.