Dish on the Cheap (Dish is hungry)

I have a 4 tuner tablo, I also have Dish. My contract with Dish was due to expire so I called them to cancel in that my Dish bill was about a hundred a month… Well they offered me a years dish for $19 a month with a years commitment. I kept dish to augment my Tablo. Still keeping the Tablo because a lot of the channels that I get on the Tablo I don’t get with dish. It seems that the cord cutting is definitely cutting into their profits and they will go to extremes to keep someone.

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…and it appears to be working!

Customer retention is part of their business model. They wouldn’t give you a $19/mo offer if there was a profit loss.

That is true. I figured it was for a 2 year contract and the 2nd year was back up to a high bill. But the contract is only for a year and the price is good for a year. Next year I can cancel again. As long as they keep the price down it is worth it.

Is this contract a guaranteed price or guaranteed discount? Here in Canada the cable companies are notorious for your contract saying “guaranteed discount” of $100 per month, then 1-2 months in they increase the regular price. However when they sell it to you they just say you’ll be paying them $x per month, no mention of the effect of price increases.

It is a guaranteed discount but they also guaranteed that the price I am paying will be for the entire year

I get it, I’m not trying to bring you down… cancel again? You called to cancel… but kept the service. You mean cancel for sure?

Consumers go into to this determined, knowing what we are going to do! We’ve had enough, but, the other guys get paid to do this. It may not actually be a scam, but it’s such an enormous business we really don’t know what we’re up against.

A tip I had when canceling DirecTV - I’m laid off and can’t afford the bill. Don’t complain about the service, the high bill, nothing is wrong with the service - I don’t have a job. When customer retention made follow up calls - I was still laid off. It’s sad way to go about it, but it’s kind of quick and easy, they don’t have anything to fix.

Or government shutdown and I can’t afford TV anymore lol

I hope you actually weren’t laid off, or else I wouldn’t be making a joke.

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For me it was like everything in the world (even Tablo) and that was a cost that was worth it. For me the 19 bucks was well worth the product that they were providing me. Total decision was based off of bang for buck…

Good situation there. Dish for $19 is outstanding. I once did this with Comcast, they offered me a very slim monthly with a one-year agreement. I begged them to do a two-year agreement (because the monthly was so good), they pushed it up a few tiers & said they’d get back to me. Two weeks later they gave me a polite “no” on the two year, but offered to give me two years of (blazing fast) internet service at it’s promo price … which I took.

It wouldn’t hurt to call Dish, and ask for a two-year on that. They probably won’t, but I’d definitely ask.