Disconnected from Tablo

I have a Tablo Quad with a WD 2gb external hd. Using a Roku Ultra and the Tablo app v. 3.1. When I ‘back out’, using the back arrow (not the left button on the ‘D’ pad) button, on the Roku remote of either live TV or recorded shows (more often than not it happens on recorded shows ) the TV screen turns black and I’m disconnected from the Tablo. It never shows anything on the screen (i.e. “reconnecting to Tablo” or anything like that) it’s just a black screen. Pressing any button does nothing. The only way out is by hitting the home button on the Roku and restarting the Tablo app. I’ve reset (the quick one not the factory reset) the Tablo but it didn’t help. Quite annoying. Any thoughts?

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I doubt this has anything to do with the actual Tablo. This is a Roku thing. I don’t know if it’s a bug in the app or a bug in certain Rokus devices/OS versions. I had a very similar issue with a different app on my TCL Roku TV and I’ve seen other people complain too. I sometimes had to completely unplug my television and plug it back in to get it working again. It was so bad I hooked a smart plug to the TV plug to make it easier. I haven’t experienced the problem with the Tablo app specifically but I replaced that TV a while back and I haven’t used the Tablo app on Roku in months.

Thanks. I was wondering if it could be a Roku issue.

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