Disconnect from Tablo only on Android TV app + Android TV Live TV integration?

I’ve been having a recurring problem with viewing recorded programs via the Android TV app. The videos seem to play fine, but the player will occasionally disconnect from the Tablo at certain parts of the recorded shows. We then have to resume viewing at the beginning of the show. This may happen multiple times in a given recorded show, although the disconnect always happens at the same spots (i.e. if you fast forward, the app won’t disconnect). I can view the same program in the normal Android app without any disconnect. Has anyone else had this problem?

Also, any word on making the Tablo App compatible with the Android TV Live TV app?



Only time I typically see weird things like this happen is if it hits a point in the recording that the TV signal either dropped or distorted. It doesn’t seem to be able to handle that very well. Do you get any pixelation or anything happening when it hits that point in the normal android app?