Disconnect Fix?


My OG 4uner last two nights has dropped connection Apple TV 4K tvos 12.1
I have to reboot tablo


JohnBoy5562, Festivus, Tom_C

Don’t hesitate to send us a ticket. We can take a look at your units on our end and see what’s up.


Ticket sent
Thanks again @TabloSupport

User error in putting In the wrong MAC address when setting up a Tablo reservation …oops

There are two Mac addresses for your Tablo one Wi-Fi in one hardwired


Only run this program after you have had a ticket in and tablo support has replied because it sends a code to them exclusively after test

I had a connection issue with my Apple Airport extreme’s…I know they are old…but have been so steady for 3 years… I reset them to factory settings and just ran the network Diag tool App Store (routethis helps).

Everything is back up and running properly as of now. Tablo reservation and port forwarding re-done

Awaiting Tablo support response from the findings

No joy, Disconnected overnight again back in touch with support…

.Wi-Fi instead of hardwired for now

Same thing disconnected overnight with Wi-Fi

************Deleted Tablo reservation and made a new reservation with correct IP and port fwd
did not disconnect overnight and hopefully all weekend


FIXED: My problem was resolved after getting a better HD antennae. All of the stations I watch have 100% signal strength, and the random Tablo reboots have stopped.


I’ve not experienced this problem after the latest software update about a month ago. Seems that it’s fixed, at least for me.

Tablo support wanted me to assign a different SSID to my second (non_DHCP) router. I didn’t want to do that so I waited this out. I had no issues with any other devices on my network so I didn’t want to change everything due to the tablo.

But as noted, it seems that the update fixed the issue.