Disconnect every 30-45 minutes

I bought and connected Tablo yesterday. Liked the way it worked…till it started disconnecting!!! Have messed with this thing for hours and STILL disconnects every 30-45 minutes. DONE… disconnected and back to normal antennas. I have filed a support ticket but back to local antenna for now.

Tablo’s do use “normal”, local antennas.

First things you’ll get ask, which network connection you use on your tablo?

What devices/apps do you use to watch tablo? Which tablo do you have?

Are you watching a recording, or live TV - a show or channel?

Some here have had struggles and may be able to help from what they’ve learned, but they’ll need more info…

Tablo has done a remote analysis and discovered the WiFi module is not working properly. They are sending me a new unit. I am impressed at this point with there customer service.


That’s the first I have heard of a wi-fi module having issues, but it is great that it was detected so quickly. That will likely be helpful for others that have a similar issue.

New unit arrived, hooked up and works GREAT!!!