Disc issue - how to troubleshoot?

My Tablo suddenly as started saying “no storage connected”, but my external hard drive is connected. How can I troubleshoot this issue?

It could be your drive cable, the drive, or your Tablo. I’d try checking the cable first and making sure both ends are properly seated

I tried checking the cable, all seems good. In Settings, Tablo sees the drive. But when I try to play anything I record, I get the error message. After unplugging the power and putting it back. Now Settings shows that there is no drive connected. I’m guessing the issue is with the disk.

I guess this means I lost all my recordings?

I would not give up on it yet… do you happen to have another cable you could swap in?

It’s a proprietary cable for a Seagate Expansion hard drive.

Does it look like this? If so, you can pick one up at Best Buy, etc.
Also, do you have a Linux system? You can try connecting your drive to Linux to see if it is readable.

For the Linux-challenged, not wanting to use a full linux desktop system, you could try GParted live, it’s gnome graphical partition editor - it has filesystem checking and repairing facilities. It’s small, boots from a USB stick.

At the least, it can provide some quick indication if the drive is accessible.

Will try with a new cable but for now Linux didn’t seem to be able to mount the drive.