Disassembly and on board memory

Does anyone have a link to the disassembly of the Quad OTA, Dual Lite, or/and the new Dual 128GB OTA? I have looked on You Tube without success. I am particularly curious as to what memory is installed in the 128GB. Is it soldered to the board, or perhaps something like a mSata in a socket that could be pulled and a higher capacity one put in it’s place. Thanks.

I’m sure this is nearly pointless, from the fcc.gov for the Quad. Don’t recall where the link was originally from.

Someone added a fan and I believe they posted some pics. Not too many have the $$ to tear one apart “for the fun of it”.

I do recall with the Dual 64, the storage was not upgradable. I would suspect this is the same, but not confirmed.

There is no comparison between the QUAD, Dual Lite and new Dual 128GB. Only the DUAL 64 and Dual 128 have on board storage.

And while DVR pictures might exist on FCC Nuvyyo appears to have wised up and had their news product applications marked as hidden.

It’s likely the 128 is similar… albeit the next post —

I guess he’s still working on it? As Zips points out, you can likely find pictures, they release little tech info, mostly consumer grade stuff. When searching, you can find dates back to the beginning where there’s an exchange at least to access some data (recordings). Lots is outdated and little is still discussed.

With the exception of the dual 128GB model, all the internal pictures are there. They are not intended as a component break down. You may need a really good magnifying glass to identify chip model numbers.

I own one of the original dual 64’s.

I should or could have stated you would need to use various skills to remove and replace it’s 64GB

But when you get to the point that you are unengineering a product to save $20-$30 why.

At that point it has become the theater of the absurd.

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