Disappointed with scheduled recprding

I have NCIS on my schedule to record new episodes. Well, I watched the recording from Monday night (Sep-21-2022) and the recording ended after 1 hour! It was a 2 hour premier but Tablo only recorded 1 hour! What am I missing on the the schedule recording option? Now, I have no idea where I can watch the complete episode. I think CBS is by subscription only.

The second part was on the episode of NCIS: Hawai’i that followed NCIS.

Too bad for me, I don’t follow Hawaii.

That’s one of the problems with skipping commercials.

It was advertised as being a crossover event between the two shows, but if you always skip the commercials, occasionally you miss something important.

I don’t have commercial skip add-on to my Tablo. Really, it’s probably because those are different programs. The NCIS crossed over to NCIS Hawaii.