Disappearing Cover Art - Mostly Blue Boxes

My Roku app used to display the cover art for almost every show.  Now about 75% of the ones it used to display the art work for have reverted to the blue box.   The web app, iPad, etc still shows the cover art  ->  it’s not just for shows that don’t have any cover art.  And it seems to be more predominant when multiple episodes of the TV show are recorded.

Anyone else noticing the same?

I saw that after the firmware upgrade. But on all devices. Once I get rid of ALL the episodes of a series and recorded new shows they came back. 

Trying to uninstall and reinstall the app but I think the Roku site is having problems.  When I try https://owner.roku.com/add/Tablo I just get “SSL connection error”.  The main Roku login page gives me “CONTENT PROVIDER ERROR”.  Arrgg. :slight_smile:

Oh, Plus there was a new version of the app that you did need to uninstall and reinstall the newer version. ;) 

Yeah maybe that will fix my problem.  But the Roku site seems to be pooched tonight.  They now say that it’s “down for maintenance” - yeah right: unplanned maintenance that is :slight_smile:

Roku site is back so I removed the Tablo app and readded it from the link above but no change.

I don’t see any visual changes in the app at all and I still have most of the shows showing the blue box icon instead of the cover art.

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Should I see any differences with the app after reinstalling it?

Until you get rid of all episodes and then record new ones I think you are stuck, that is what I saw

I deleted all episodes of one series and let the timer record a new episode and same problem: blue box with the TV icon in it.

And there are other shows where there’s only one episode recorded from a few months ago and the cover art that used to be there is gone.  It’s not all shows but it’s more than half of them.

Something buggy with the Tablo Roku app as they all show on the web or iPad.

@YYC_TV Just to confirm: the shows with the stock blue image - did you have the proper thumbnails for them before? Or were they always missing a thumbnail, and now they’re just failing to update?

In any case, we haven’t heard much of the ‘no thumbnail at all’ use case as opposed to the ‘thumbnail without a title’ issue, which we intend to address in a firmware release sometime soon. That being said - our engineers would be happy to take a look at your Tablo’s database to see what’s going on. Feel free to reference this post and send me a ticket at Support@Tablotv.com

So recorded America’s Got Talent last night and no name on the image like most but at least it shows in Roku

@TabloSupport : yes they definitely used to have images and they have images on the computer.

You’re welcome to remote into it if you’d like.  I’ll email a support ticket as you suggested.


For those that are having blue-box problems…I thought I’d share my experience.

I had two recorded-shows with persistent blue-boxes that I know should have had cover-art (Curious George and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood). These were the first two shows that I recorded after I set up the Tablo…which I suspect was the reason there was no artwork.

First, I deleted all of the recordings and let it record another one…no luck…still a blue box.

Then I deleted all of the recordings AND ALSO unscheduled the “record all” for both of them…waited a few minutes…and then re-scheduled. Bingo…now I have artwork on them.

So, I’d recommend deleting all the recordings AND unscheduling/re-scheduling.

Good luck! 

Thanks for the tip.  But I really don’t want to have to delete all of my recordings let alone unschedule/re-schedule.

The bottom line is that it seems like a bug on the Roku.  Maybe something to do with the resolution, dimensions, or file sizes of the cover art.  They all display fine in the browser so maybe it’s an image size/resolution bug and hopefully they can work that out.

As @TabloSupport suggested I have emailed support and given them remote access to my Tablo.  Hopefully that will help them work out what the issue is and eventually resolve the issue.

This evening…

1) Roku LR–lost artwork, and playbacks would cycle back before starting to the title, never actually starting
2) Roku BR–Same notation. Both are Roku 2-XS, and have functioned FINE for about a month, since purchase of Tablo.
3) Roku 2-Game room–same notation as above, this is the “new” Roku 2, not the older XS/XD series.
4) Windows/Chrome playback–Slow to NOT loading at all, but art remained, except for one tile of PBS roadshow.
5) Roku “live TV” had no avatar/tiles for the on-air shows.

Manually asked for guide load via the Tablo PC/Chrome app then power cycled Tablo. All playback is normal, except the art “tiles” sometimes appear differently on the actual recording’s “page” than they do on the master page with ALL recordings. Is it possible that where special shows are concerned, once the guide replaces them with their “normal” schedule, our recorded tiles won’t be correct anymore if we keep them a long time? For instance…

Recorded “Charlie Brown Christmas” on our local channel 41 December 2nd. 8:30 PM Artwork on the “recordings” page is fine, but the actual “show” tile with details has correct text details but something about (not all visible) …OM THE PRODUCER…HARRY POTTER"…

Tiles for Live TV came back with Tablo power cycle, too. So did the one MISSING PBS tile on my laptop’s Chrome viewer.

Don’t know if this is a glitch in firmware, or an isolated incident. Hope it helps others here!
Hard Drive is a WD My Book 1110 1032 (499 GB)

LOVE the product, and I expect there’ll be a few bumps along the way…but since I’'m a Free to Air/ (satellite) and Over the Air person, this was the BEST solution to multi-set distribution in a place where I cannot run coax, and already have multiple Roku boxes. Congrats to the engineers and manufacturers…keep this product going and growing! 


Sounds like you’re seeing similar behaviour to a couple of folks in this thread:

It sounds as though there’s something up with the way the Roku channel is grabbing its guide data. We intend to get some data from units in the field to get a closer look at this.