Disappearing channels

When I first got my 4 tuner Tablo back in August I experimented with many antennas and placements in the spare bedroom where I have it set up. I finally settled on a 50 mile range leaf right above a window on the upper right side. Perfect reception of all 23 OTA’s I could expect to receive. I channel scan everyday and in October randomly I stopped being able to recieve the low power station in my area that delivers Antenna TV and Cozi. I thought they might be off the air, but we have an OTA setup at work and they were still on. Not the end of the world, there wasn’t much for me on those channels anyway and reception on all my others were perfect so life goes on. Well today my PBS and its sub channels stopped showing up and low and behold they are on fine at work. Ive rebooted since the loss of the LPTV signal and it never came back. Have I reached the point where I should find a new spot for the antenna? Has anyone else encountered something similar. I’d hate to wake up one morning and find one of the major networks I record a lot off of gone.

Sun (and other things) affect ota signals. Try scanning at a different time, either earlier or later. Any new buildings go up? What was the weather like when you scanned?

What antenna do you have? See www.tvfool.com and look at the real column. If any 2-13 and your antenna not designed for VHF, replacing antenna might help.

Are you in an apartment or house? If in a house, moving antenna to the attic can be a plus.

Are your signals clustered in the same direction or are the stations scattered about? If they are separated by more than 45 degrees, some on the margins may fade out. In which case you would need a better omni-directional antenna. The Mohu Leaf is supposed to be a multi-directional antenna that doesn’t require pointing (according to its advertising blurb). The 50 mile version is the amped one, right?

Different locations (such as your work place) may have a different orientation towards the broadcast towers.

I’d 1st check simple things like all F connectors and cabling? At least give it all a gentle wiggle and verify good solid connections.

This is one of those times I love owning a small HDTV that I can bring to antennae location and do some channel scans while tweaking the antennae position for a workable compromise among my desired channel lineup.

Once a position is satisfied, add extension cabling and see what if any difference that makes? Basically, working in small steps along the signal chain.

As you realize from your work location, comparison can be a very helpful troubleshooting aid.