Directly connect to Tablo

Is it possible to directly connect to the tablo using it’s IP and Port number? Or is that not possible due to the external authentication scheme that is employed.

If I navigate to my tablo directly via it’s IP (using the default http port 80) I just see a plain generic webserver message.

There are some 3rd party applications such as Tablo Ripper and Tablo Exporter that run on your computer and talk to the Tablo, allowing you to download recorded content to your computer for standalone viewing. These programs make use of an API to communicate with the Tablo, so it’s not as simple as pointing your web browser to the IP/Port and navigating content via your browser.

What is it you’re looking to do? If you want to watch live or recorded content on your browser, point it to, or if you want to download recorded content, see my comments in the paragraph above.

I don’t know what I wanted to do…just a curious kind of person

Try this http://Tablo_IP:18080/pvr/

This works for me

Sweet - thanks!