Dim Down the Opacity of Already Scheduled Recordings on Prime Time, etc... [Image Mock-Up inside]

Going through Prime Time today, I got idea that would really make these sections even POP more!!

Can you change the opacity of an already scheduled show/recordings to like 40%? Check out the screenshot below to see what it looks like. You can still interact and click on it, but it would make every other TV shows/movies pop more.



That’s already taken care of.

If that particular program is scheduled, you’ll see an orange triangle in the upper right corner.


The orange triangle is there but I too like the idea of lowering the opacity as an additional indicator… Definitely helps it stand out.

Orange works fine for me. There are so many other things desired of much higher priority.


I didn’t have to edit it at all in a photo editing program. I went into the source code, added one line of style and it worked.