Diggin the new Roku app!I Even switched to 720p on Roku 1. Colors richer than Amazon FireTV Stick

@Tablosupport @TabloTV I have to tell you I’m diggin the new Roku app! I even switched to 720p and haven’t seen any drawbacks using Roku 1 on wireless N 2.4ghz. I also downloaded the new app for Amazon FireTV Stick and compared the two and found buffering with the Fire TV and none with the Roku. And the FireTV stick was using the 5ghz channel while my Roku 1 is using 2.4. And I find the colors with the FireTV stick washed out compared to Roku.  Definitely not a fan of having to go through ALL of my recordings with the new app so PLEASE integrate the ability to see today, last week, last month, sports, etc like the old app. The load time for Live TV could be better as well on Roku 1 wireless. It’s a good start though! Just hoping you don’t expect us to wait another year to bring it current.

@mullermj - Glad you’re liking the new channel. 

We are planning to add more sort options in one of the next updates. Stay tuned!