Difficult time watching shows on computer

I’m connected with Ethernet form my PC to the router and the Tablo is connected to the same router also with Ethernet.

Using Chrome on my Windows 10 desktop, it’s hit-and-miss if I can connect. Trying to watch a show, similar. I get the spinning wheel and then some minutes later this informative message


I’m at my wits end.

Fortunately I’m still paying for what used to be my “backup” plan, but now seems to be more and more my primary plan - YouTube TV.

Contact taboo support

Check with a different device - trial 'N error trouble shooting

If it plays on another device try a different browser

If it plays on everything except Windows 10 no matter what browser, try a different OS

Your last resort, contact a tablo tech support guru

Echoing the advice from @djk44883, try a different browser as a test. Could also try clearing the cache in Chrome.

We could also try using the Windows 10 Tablo app.

It’s available in the Microsoft Store.

@TabloSupport is there some log file or something I can look at? I can’t get my way past this issue.


They won’t allow users to view logs on their own devices. You have to ask and what your turn, then they’ll tell you - not show you entries

Are you having the same issue with the Tablo Windows 10 app?

Have you tried the new Microsoft Edge browser?

I definitely recommend you get in touch with our team and we can see whats’ causing the issues. That said, there’s a quick test you can do to determine a few things:

Try playing these same recordings on another device + app - are the same recordings unplayable? If so, this may be an issue with the recordings themselves, or the drive they’re stored on. If they play fine, this could be a cache or browser issue, in which case we’d recommend clearing the cache on your browser as a first step.

If this doesn’t do the trick though, reach out to our team and we’ll see what’s up.

I submitted a request. In general, using a FireTV or Roku, shows play, and the same shows as won’t play on my computer does play.

I don’t particularly want to install more apps etc. on my computer. The web-based setup is sufficient.

Well, well. We live and we learn.

Derek from Tablo Tech support responded and listed a series of questions.

Among them were there:

Do you use a VPN on your PC? If there is an active VPN this will cause the browser to have trouble connecting with the Tablo.

Do you use any range extenders or a mesh network?

That lead me to the right solution.

I have an application on my PC that uses a proxy. When I disabled that application, the Tablo functionality returned.

So, note to self:

Tablo does not play well with VPNs, Mesh networks or proxies?

Also, networking errors return “unknown error”

Really going to have to look into alternative solutions for when I need to make the switch to ATSC3.

I just upgraded my LAN with the Netgear Nighthawk MR63 mesh system. And I just want you to know that it is working just fine with my 6+ yr old Tablo.

A VPN or proxy service creates a “tunnel” to put the traffic through to the internet. There are many applications that won’t recognize items on your local network when you are using those tools. It really depends upon what port(s) the proxy/VPN software tunnel…