Different Timezone: Bug or Not? You decide!

I live in the Central time zone (Texas). I rarely travel, but happen to be in NY (Eastern time) at the moment. Killing time at the airport, I remembered, “Hey, I can watch my home TV from anywhere I want! How nerdy and awesome can I be at the same time???” And sure enough, I was able to pull open a web browser and catch my home news broadcast before boarding the plane.

But one thing I noticed while looking at the guide: the time headers (6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30…) are in my current local time (Eastern) and not in the timezone where the tablo actually resides. Notice in the picture the 5:00 news says it’s starting at 6:00. I assume this is due to my computer clock currently being set on Eastern time.

At first, I thought this was a bug: shouldn’t the guide show the times in the timezone where the tablo itself resides and that correspond to the guide it has downloaded?

But then I started having second thoughts: what if I traveled all the time? I could see it being just as useful having the guide display in my actual local time so I could figure out when a show was coming up without constantly having to translate timezones in my head.

So what started out as a bug report has turned into a “good job Tablo team - that was some good forward thinking” kind of post.

Yep it’s definitely not a bug. It’s the intended design.

That’s why when people use the Fire TV for the first time and it has the Timezone set wrong on it, the times of al their shows appear out of whack.

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