Difference between network issue and signal issue

Can someone please explain the difference in what kind of symptoms I should see with Tablo for network issues versus antenna signal issues? Sometimes I see “weak signal” when trying to load a channel, sometimes I see pixilation in the channel and image/sound hiccups, etc.

Before I buy a new router (putting my modem in bridge mode) or troubleshooting the antenna in the attic, I want to learn more of what is most likely causing the problem.

Setup is the following:

  • Tablo 4 tuner is hardwired to my ISP modem/router
  • Appletv is hardwired.
  • Roku stick is wireless.
  • Antenna is in the attic running directly to in line amplifier then directly to Tablo.

Thanks for the help!

At least with the problems I’ve encountered recently, it seems both weak signal and pixelation tied back to antenna/reception signal issues.

I’m not entirely convinced something related to signal sensitivity didn’t change with the 2.2.18 firmware but the primary issue I was having manifested as visible pixelation, to the point that apparently reception issues resulted in the Tablo rebooting, resulting in several multi-fragment recordings as a result of multiple reboots.

The logs apparently referenced reception/signal issues as the case of the reboots. As a result I upgraded from a Mohu Leaf 50 indoor antenna to a Mohu Air 60 attic/outdoor antenna that I installed in our attic about 2 weeks ago. Thus far, I’ve encountered no issues with pixelation or reboots during recordings.

So my anecdotal information seems to indicate a recent increased sensitivity to reception/signal issues so you may want to start there.

Now that you say it, I didn’t really have any issues before the 2.2.18 update? Now, I can scan for channels, and every 10 minutes I’ll get different colors (on a sunny day, no wind, nothing changing). Before, it would consistently get the same channel and signal color results. I’ll test tonight with just the antenna going directly into the TV - bypassing tablo and see how it looks.

Crash course on this as follows:

Pixelation, weak signal errors, failed recordings = Usually the result of a OTA signal problem. We have a number of suggestions for these issues here.

Note: We haven’t changed anything in the ‘tuner sensitivity’ department in any release.

Buffering (pauses during playback) = Usually the result of a network problem.
We have a fixes for this too, here.

Thanks for the confirmation no firmware releases had anything changed related to this @TabloSupport. That tells me that with my issues, it had to be coincidental that the problems started after the 2.2.18 firmware update and have to be a result of signal issues that may be complicated by weather, etc.

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While this may be true, I noticed that a channel rescan can help with broadcast signal reception, because broadcast stations sometimes change their meta data that the tuner uses, correct?

Very true.

One of the reasons why quarterly (or more often) rescans are helpful.