Did Chrome Web App Change Today (Sunday Sept. 6)? Loading Takes Forever

What happened to the Chrome web app 1.0.21-542? It is now taking FOREVER to connect and load to my Recordings screen. This (as of yesterday) was a 2-3 second affair…today it is taking minutes to connect and more to display the Recordings screen.
Nothing has changed on my end - but the Chrome web app is behaving completely differently - and for the worse.
This is conjunction with the myriad Roku 3 issues (reboots and now “loading, please wait” screens and the laggy Fire TV app that can’t smoothly play back 720p recordings, is rapidly making Tivo look like a great idea.

Anyone else seeing problems with the Chrome app taking a LONG time to load suddenly? Any solutions that you’ve found. Already re-booted (for like the 100th time this weekend) my entire network and system.

BTW, Roku and Fire TV apps connect normally - they just are having a variety of playback issues. The Chrome web app is just acting completely stupid all of a sudden.

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Same thing happening here. First it’s taking forever to retrieve the Tablo then forever connecting to it, then the tiles pop up but in the menu area it still shows connecting and THEN it has to sync which isn’t quick either. It 's every bit of 90 seconds. Annoying.

Update…just took 2 min 50 sec.

I have an issue with the web app in general. On Firefox and Chrome, it seems to take markedly longer time to load and sync. I’m actually experiencing it away from home as well on my android phone. It was working great until the latest update.

Same thing here. Takes forever. Tried deleting the stored DB/cookies/etc. same thing.

Could this all be related to Chrome (and other browsers) stopping support for older plugins? The newest Chrome was installed on Sept 1.

I am seeing long times as well om my phone and pc.

That’s an interesting consideration - but for me, Chrome was working great until yesterday. I don’t get it, the version number of the Tablo HTML doesn’t appear to have changed to the best or my recollection - so it would seem to be a possible Chrome thing - but what and why it just started has me stumped. The performance difference is startling.

Yes, I’ve done the same - completely cleared all cookies, cache, history, etc from Chrome (took the nuclear option), but no difference at all.

Looks like it is also happening to FireFox. Connects to Tablo fine before Sep 6, now it is not connecting and I haven’t changed a thing.

I just tested my setup. Here are the conditions:

  • 2-tuner Tablo, software version 2.2.2
  • Chrome Version 45.0.2454.85 m (Cache cleared prior to test)
  • Windows 8.1 computer connected via Cat-5e Ethernet to 1 GB/s switch, 1GB NIC
  • Tablo hard wired to same switch as computer (Cat 5e)

It took 22 seconds to find the Tablo. It took an additional 47 seconds to connect to the Tablo. Sync was performed in the background and took an additional 212 seconds.

So, I was able to connect and browse the live tv guide in 69 seconds. Since the sync process was in the background, I could have started watching a show immediately (Live or recorded).

Well, @TabloSupport will certainly be busy tomorrow. They might really want to reconsider their support policy/hours particularly in relation to releasing new software. Seems like very bad timing for a three-day weekend given the general performance problems a lot of us are seeing.
What has me truly stumped is that I’ve been on the 2.2.3 beta for the past month and didn’t have any of these problems until the official 2.2.2 was released - which I won’t get (or need) as the final beta is the same release - yet I’m seeing all these problems like those who just upgraded.

Is it a 3 day weekend in Canada?

Is it a 3 day weekend in Canada?


It is back to normal for me now on both Chrome and FireFox. Must have been something to do with the authentication server at Tablo AGAIN… :unamused:

Back to normal here too on Chrome. Whew.

Hey, back to normal for me as well!

That’s about the only thing that makes sense. Didn’t realize how dependent we are on that server working (as I’ve never had an issue before). Glad whatever was wrong got fixed…

Hey guys - Despite the phased rollout we had LOTS of folks updating over the weekend which was taxing our servers which also led to long connection times for the web app. We’ve added some more horsepower and will be adding a lot more over the coming weeks so we can support this growth.

Can you also PLEASE shed some light on the frequent “Loading” messages that have started with the Roku and the video playback quality issues on Fire TV for recordings of broadcast 720p/60.
This has been quite vexing all weekend.

@ChrisFix - We’ve got some video in 60 FPS from the weekend and will be doing some more testing around that today so try and get this figured out.