Did anything change in the FF thumbnails

For the past week none of my recordings are getting the FF thumbnails. Did anything change? or do I need to do anything to generate the thumbails?


@girimurthy - What firmware are you on? Are you missing them on all platforms or just one in particular?

I lose the thumbnails sometimes. What I did was reboot my Roku and they showed up again. FF is a pain without the thumbnails.

I have latest firmware 2.2.5 and it is happening on both roku and fire


I don’t have to worry about Roku reboot. Because of the Roku issue my Roku restarts close to 10 times a day by itself whenever I use the skip in Tablo. I am just sick of waiting for Roku to send the firmware upgrade.

@girimurthy - If you have an early version of 2.2.5 there was a problem with FFW preview generation. We are rolling out 2.2.6 now so once you get the update all should be well again.


That is great to hear. Thanks. Will update to 2.2.6 when it is available and test.

Now I need Roku to fix their OS. The reboot is killing me.


@girimurthy - Word on the street that it’s starting to roll out!

I am experiencing the “no thumbnails generated” or now to be known as the NTG problem (as opposed to the LPW problem) with the recent upgrade. I have noticed it on several recent recordings, the most annoying being a 3-hour high school football game recorded yesterday.

The NTG problem was observed on both my ROKU 4 and Amazon Fire TV stick media players. I have a 4-tuner Tablo with version 2.2.8 firmware. The Tablo and ROKU are hard-wired. The Fire TV stick is wireless 5 ghz. The hard drive is a recommended 5 TB seagate. As far as I can tell the Tablo apps are updated versions. I tried both versions using the ROKU with same results.

All my current recordings are set to HD 1080 - 8 Mbps. (Note: I had set it to the maximum 10 Mbps earlier but somehow it got magically changed to 8 Mbps).

The channel I recorded the football game is broadcasting at 720p, if that gives any clues.

The recording was made yesterday so the Tablo should have had plenty of time to generate the thumbnails overnight.

Finally, I also recorded a college football game at the same time as the high school game from a station broadcasting at 1080i. Same results; no thumbnails.

Eagerly awaiting a resolution to this problem or a work-around. Meanwhile I plan to reset the recording level to 720p and record a ball game this afternoon and see what that accomplishes.

OK, here’s the skinny:

  1. Recording set at 720P 5 Mbps.
  2. Scheduled four football games same day.
  3. Tablo was locked up the next day; did not respond to soft reboot; had to hard power-cycle to restore functionality.
  4. Only three ball games recorded (presume Tablo had locked up before last game started).
  5. Thumbnails were only generated for one of the three ball games successfully recorded.
  6. No problems were observed during tv reception while watching games live on a tv with a separate feed from the antenna distribution amplifier.

Any comments or suggestions, Tablo Techs?

@Wolfpack - Can you do a quick reset of your Tablo and see if the thumbnails come in for the recordings they were missing on?

Generally if thumbnails are missing, there’s an encoding problem with the recording or the recording isn’t done yet or there isn’t a tuner available to processing the thumbnail.

I have a full day of scheduled recordings I prefer not to interrupt, so I’ll wait until Tomorrow to reset the Tablo. I would have thought the full power-cycle I did this morning while the unit was froze up would have accomplished the same thing.

No change after soft restart. Does the Tablo simply give up generating thumbnails after a period of time has elevated?

I noticed after my recent Tablo lock-up my guide was not updated after 2 days. I did a manual update which seemed to work. I will continue to watch to see if auto-update works overnight.

Final question: is there any way to determine if the Tablo database has suffered corruption sufficient to warrant a factory reset or if it is just slightly crippled?

@Wolfpack - The Tablo will try to re-generate the thumbnails upon reboot for recordings that are missing them. But as I mentioned before, if there’s an error in the recording stream itself, that could cause the thumbnail generation to fail on that particular recording.

If you have concerns, drop us a line and we can check in on your Tablo: http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

This brings up a question I have been meaning to ask. Is it possible for educated users like myself and others in this forum to examine our Tablos locally the same as Support is able to do remotely? It would seem to me all we would need are some basic CGI commands to examine the system logs and see for ourselves what the symptoms are.

I suspect many of us are familiar with PC utilities like CHKDSK and Norton Utilites and have the skill sets to manage the little computer in the Tablo the same as we are able to manage our PCs.

So how do we go about obtaining at least the more basic procedures to examine the status of our instruments? If my Tablo cannot create Thumbnails for a particular recording I would like to see where it happened in the recording and view it in my media player to see if I agree with there being a bad or corrupted recording segment. If my database is partially corrupted I would like to determine that for myself to decide if a full factory reset would be beneficial.

I am not from Missouri but I would still like for you to “show me”.

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I’m not sure if this is possible. Might be something to ask the support gurus. They’re more familiar with the procedures than I am.