Diagnostics and Log File Access

I was having problems with my Tablo and opened a support case, which they quickly resolved! Thanks to David and the support team. But this brought up a few things that I would like to see;

  1. Ability to view the Tablo log files via the user interface (or some other method). This may have allowed me to diagnose the issue with the external drive myself.

  2. Attached external HDD diagnostics. There should be some utility to run diagnostics (even just the SMART data on the drive) would be helpful. Since the Tablo is useless without the external storage and there is a lot posts about HDD issues, it would make sense to have some level of diagnostics to root out these problems.

  3. I personally would be willing to spend more money on a Tablo branded, tested, and qualified external storage solution that Tablo provides. Even though I work for a computer hardware company and can build and use my own hardware, for this device I would much prefer to buy a qualified solution to avoid headaches with cobbling together my own solution, and then finding out it doesn’t work very well.

@blotto13 - We’ve had a few requests for this kind of ‘next level’ diagnostics. We may consider adding them in the future. In the meantime, we are almost ready to release a new kernel which should fix a lot of the hard drive issues (except for disconnections) that were seen with the old kernel.

We also have specific recommendations for tried & true drives. Sorry your first one didn’t work out but glad we were able to resolve the issue for you.