Device not auto-deleting recordings with full drive

Within the past week there have been two occasions where the Tablo fails to record shows, citing “Recording failed because the hard drive was full”. It is correctly detecting a full hard drive, but the “auto-delete recordings” option is definitely checked.

Am I grossly mistaken in what that toggle is for? I’m guessing it is supposed to delete old/watched shows when the hard drive is full. It is definitely not doing that.

I have a 2-tuner, firmware 2.2.18.

Have been experiencing the same issue all year.

It’s extremely annoying because it primarily seems to happen for sporting events (which typically are not shown again).

Running latest software 2.2.24, but it’s been a consistent issue with many tablo releases going back to 2017. This year seems to have been particularly bad, perhaps missed 1/4rd of nfl games this year because it wouldn’t delete recordings even though it has permission to do so.

Have some locked videos, but 80% of recorded stuff isn’t locked so plenty to delete if it were to choose to do so.

The most annoying part is that it will fail for lack of space, then the next immediate recording succeeds. So obviously the delete is happening… but it’s not proactive/aggressive enough and/or it does not make a second attempt to honor the recording preferences after the delete has occurred.

Particularly annoyed with it today because I was looking forward all day to watching the championship games, only to find this issue occurred again for the best game of the year.

Seems like the pieces are there to make this work every time, auto-delete recordings feature just needs a little bit more love so it works in real (or near) realtime.

Would be totally acceptable if an auto-delete caused first 5minutes to miss, but losing everything because the delete is slow doesn’t seem right. Deleting huge files is quite quick on linux which I’m pretty sure is what tablos run. anyways would really appreciate if this can get some attention. It’s hard to recommend the tablo as a recording device, when it is only a sometimes recording device.

That sounds like auto delete isn’t being triggered until you try to record something larger than remaining space. In my mind, auto delete should happen upon reaching a percentage of drive capacity, or when a recording (unlocked of course) reaches a certain “age”. This would be minor maintenance that could happen on the same trigger that Tablo uses to update the guide info in the middle of the night.

If you try to record something and get that message, can you wait a few minutes and try to start the recording again and it works? Just curious.

Thanks for posting this - we’d like to take a look at your unit to see what’s up. I’ve PM’d you some instructions to give us access.

I just experienced this, with three non-overlapping recordings. (One during prime time, one late night, and one of the “bar time” old TV episodes.) Based on the description above, I would have expected at least one of the recordings to declare it needed to make room.

I deleted some stuff to prevent failed recordings, but would be willing to make my unit available if it would still be helpful.