Developers need to code

When traversing the live TV guide and go far to the left it becomes very tedious to motion the cursor back to the cutting time. Solution; code the Apple ‘menu’ button to at that time(while viewing guide) to reset cursor to present time. Then going back into the guide you are at present time. A 60min coding fix , no?

I rescanned my channels and after I updated. I lost ALL my previous recordings that were on previous channels before but were not included in the current scan. WHY did you remove access to MY recordings? Leave them be. I am capable of deleting my own recordings.!

Not sure about your scan reliability. For instance why can I get 3 always but 10 did not even scan this time. Same tower same signal intensity. Slightly different frequency?

Doing a channel scan should NOT delete your recordings.

I suggest you open a support ticket directly with Tablo so they can look at your units for serious issues as this is not normal behaviour.

I do a channel scan every few months so see if there are new channels. My recordings stay just fine, as we’ll as my future scheduled recordings remained the same.

Mean far to the right.

Also on the Roku when I scroll say 8 hours ahead to the right in the live TV grid when I hit the “back arrow” button the line TV grid does reset to the current time / show.


As @theuser86 mentioned, hitting the ‘back’ arrow should return you to the current time in the live TV section.

As he also mentioned, a channel rescan shouldn’t ever impact your recordings - I suspect something else happened here. I encourage you to contact us and we can take a look.