Detele All with 180 episodes won't work

I just tried the “Delete All” feature after updating my Tablo’s firmware. It seems to work on my shorter lists of episodes (say, 20 episodes). But when I use it to delete a list of episodes that’s 180 long, it looks like it’s working on it (the icon shows it’s busy), but after a few minutes it returns, and all 180 episodes are still there.

This is with the web-based interface using Chrome on a Windows 8.1 PC. I don’t have an iOS or Android device to use to see if one of their apps works.

It almost looks like it times-out. But if it’s just timing out, why would I see all my episodes are still there? Why wouldn’t at least some episodes be deleted? All of them remain. Nothing happens. It just sits there spinning for a few minutes and then gives up. I can repeat this forever with the same result.

I have two TV shows I record with over 180 episodes. Both of them do the same thing. Every other TV show with smaller lists of episodes work with “Delete All”.

None of these episode lists have failed recordings. Any failed recordings have been deleted individually.

At this point, it looks like a bug in the software. The only solution I have at my disposal is a complete wipe of the disk, reformatting using my PC and then reattaching it to the Tablo TV device after it’s done. But it’s sad that I need to do that.

Any ideas?


Interesting, I deleted 160 episodes of Seinfeld last week using Chrome on Windows 8.1 and it worked.

After you hit delete all, how long did you wait? Aka how long did you leave the browser open on the website?

Are they still there if you clear the browser cache?

Yes, they’re still there after clearing Chrome’s cache and trying “Delete All” again. No change. All episodes are still there.

I even did the “clear app data” selection during the cache clear. No luck.

I timed it running the “Delete All” command. It took exactly 5 minutes before it returned. During that time, the circle with two arrows in it was rotating around. When it ended after 5 minutes, that icon went back to its regular form and was not animated. I interpret this to mean that it has completed.

As an additional experiment, I tried the “Delete All” command, but this time just left the web page as-is after it seemed to complete. I left the page there for a couple hours. No changes. It didn’t delete a single episode.

I once reported something like this. What I found were a few of them that I could not play. Tablo ( the unit ) responded with :

Player Error
Recording file not found on disk.

This was even though it was showing up. It puked only when I tried to play it.

I meticulously found all of these and manually individually deleted them. After that, I tried the Bulk Delete again, and it succeeded.

That sounds reasonable. It’s just that with two lists of over 180 episodes, I’m totally not going to try to delete each one individually. It would take too long. So it sounds like the engineers haven’t figured out that not finding a file is as good as the file being deleted. It sounds like the sort of mistake beginner level coders would make.

Okay, I randomly deleted some files, especially the oldest in the list. I got it down to about 155 episodes, and “Delete All” worked this time. Yay! So apparently you were correct. It must have been some kind of file corruption.