Dependencies on DNS cripples the Tablo, make local use available without an internet connection

Right now the Tablo is horribly dependent on DNS in order to watch live TV (even without a roku, just a PC or tablet). You can’t watch live tv, probably recordings either. If your Internet is out, be aware this affects the way people will look at a local device to access local channels. It doesn’t make sense to me.

My web clients, phone, tablet, and rokus connect and play everything just fine when my internet is down (which isn’t very often).  I have tested taking the modem offline and everything still works like a champ.

I’ll retest this tonight, but I know last time my internet was down, nothing would play back on the roku’s , it was kind of a bummer. 

ill retest as well.  @TabloSuport said that everything will work without internet connection except for pulling down new guide data.  I was sure i tested it and it worked.  I have however been mistaken before.

I know I pulled out the network cord on my router, and I was still able to connect to my Roku3 and iPad, but I couldn’t connect to my Chrome browser on my PC.  According to Tablo support, the Chrome browser will still work with the internet out as long as it was communicating with the Tablo before the internet went out.

Same here everything except a new connection from Chrome worked with the cable modem turned off.  Andriod and Roku had no issues.  But then I have a Raspberry PI running as a local DNS and dhcp server so local dns queries resolve fine with out the internet.  But then I would not expect your ISP’s name-server to be able to resolve your Tablo’s local  IP address.   Look at your local router or whatever you use as a DHCP server to see if it has any local DNS capability. 

You guys are correct. You don't need the internet to watch previous recordings - you can even watch live TV, the only thing missing is updated guide data. If your device has already been paired with your Tablo, you won't have an issue accessing your Tablo.

It's a little different for the HTML5 app - you need to be logged into an active session for it to successfully use the Tablo while offline.

However: if your router doesn't allow broadcast packets, it won't allow the Tablo to communicate properly to the rest of your local area network, and you won't be able to use it offline. 

We had a pretty big storm here in SA last night that had the internet up and down but I didn’t get to do a lot of testing. On the iPad I could watch recorded programs but live TV would not work (it just appeared to stay loading). The Roku appeared to work but I only tried a recorded program.

The ROAD apparently does not have the same day dependency. My point is whether or not you are a cord cutter there should be a better protocol and discovery method for watching locally without having to use a roku. What if the storm knocks out your Internet for several days?