Deleting Scheduled Shows

Does anyone know if it’s normal for scheduled shows to take a long time (24 hours) to stop showing in your scheduled list if you delete them? I scheduled a couple of test shows to see how things worked. Then I deleted them. They disappeared immediately from the web app, but in the Android app on my tablet it took a full day for them to disappear. I’m thinking this is due to the once a night syncing?

Is there any way to force it to happen sooner? Once I have a lot of things scheduled it could be confusing to have deleted items still there.

I’ve seen significant synch delays cross-platform (even cross-browser) currently. Every device and browser has it’s own cache, so every device/browser loads that last copy first… (from the day before if that’s the last time you used it or from a week ago) then it updates that cache ASAP (but the longer it’s been since last cache update the longer it takes). I find that on the Tablet app (which I use infrequently) that ASAP takes long enough, that I just avoid the platform all together… and on my Android phone (the processor speed is low enough) that the update process of the web app there, takes long enough to be a usability hindrance (but one I have to put up with).

Until additional releases start coming out for the Android app, I’m not sure we can expect ASAP cache updates to match that of the web app.

I would say… consume from all your devices but schedule only in the web app, from the same browser, all the time. That’s what I do. I just don’t have time in my life for these synch idiosyncrasies. 

If this is something you only see with the Scheduled (view) vs. Recordings … than let @TabloSupport know so they can comment on if it’s on the bug list… as that would be lame if it was only Scheduled data which didn’t synch ASAP.

Interesting! Thank you for sharing this information.

Thanks Thumbs. This is indeed an issue, because I had hoped to use the Android app primarily.

I’ve found the same problem with recorded shows. I delete them but they never (three days so far) go away. I guess I will submit a ticket since I do what this on the Android app to-do list.