Deleting got worse with the new app

Not clear to me how the web app and the Tablo player interact, but something has changed since the last rev. Previously, though we all bitched, at least I could move fairly quickly from show to show to delete. The deletion happened pretty quickly, and a {Return} was taken as an OK. Not sure if these were buffered, but happened quickly enough to not notice one way or the other. But one finger on {Return} and mouse in the other and I could clean up pretty quickly. Now {Return} does nothing, so I don’t know if the {Cancel / OK } window doesn’t have focus or if focus has now landed on Cancel, but it does nothing, so now gotta use the mouse for both. Since the list can be long, it involves scrolling for the second step. Backlog of recorded shows to delete is already a truly crap situation, now it is worse.

@oldmike, it looks like it is focused on cancel now. If you don’t want to use the mouse, you can use the right arrow once and then hit Enter/Return.

As usual @snowcat is right.

Bulk delete is one of our main priorities and will be coming very soon to the web app. Stay tuned!

Well of course an extra key stroke works; that was the complaint. Before I could split right hand on mouse, left on Return, and go fairly quickly. Now I have to move focus, which is my point.

I gotta think that bulk or at least easier delete plus limiting how many of a given show are kept in the first place will get rid of 80% of the bitchin’. I think if I just had the documentation on the HDD formating, etc, I could write a VB script to to this in an afternoon, at least the deletions. I think a lot of people would settle for a utility to just delete all but the most recent airing of a selected show.