Deleted shows - still showing up on web

Cleared cache and resynced. Also rebooted Tablo.   I had some wackiness deleting some programs that finally deleted. But now those programs are still listed via web (at least) and I can’t delete them as they don’t really exist anymore.  Any way to flush out the dead files that are no longer there so they don’t show up (without completely reseting the tablo and wiping my recordings out?)

This is the message I get if I try to play a file that doesn’t exist "

Player Error

Recording file not found on disk.

@samcraig Hm. When you cleared the cache did it force a re-sync?

Try deleting the Tablo from the web app:

From the slide out menu on the left, tap ‘Disconnect’ at the bottom.
This will bring you to the Tablo select screen. Tap on the ‘Edit’ button on the top right.
Select ‘Delete Tablo’. Afterwards, perform a new scan and re-add and re-sync your Tablo.

That worked!  Thanks!

@TabloSupport - and in before snowcat!