Deleted channels still in live guide

New Tablo user here. Just installed, NYC. Get about 73 channels, and removed the checkmarks to all but about 40. I then Save & Continue, and yet ALL of the 73 channels, including the the removed channels still appear the the live guide. I go back to Edit Channels to make sure that the check marks are still removed, and they are. Why would the removed channels still be appearing in the guide?

Thanks for any help.

Are you sure you waited long enough for the various number of guide updates.

Channels don’t disappear until the updates are done. And maybe for some tablo apps you may have to refresh the menu or exit/enter the app.

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I think I waited long enough. Inside the app it said it was done updating the guide.

Are the channels still in the guide now? Is this the case for all of your Tablo apps, or just this one (which are you using)?