Delete Subscription Info

My Subscription is paid up until April 20 2018 and I want to delete my Subscription on April 20 2018 (not renew it), do I have to wait until April 20 2018 or can I delete it now and can we still use it till April 20 2018 and it will not renew after that date?

If auto pay for your subscription is disabled, then it won’t renew, que no?

How do you change the auto pay? I do not see a location to disable the auto pay

I purchased a lifetime subscription, so I might not be able to see options that you can, but…

Go to:
Click on ‘My Account’ button.
After you’re logged in, click on ‘My Account’ dropdown list’, and select ‘Update Credit Card’.
There’s a ‘Delete card on file’ button.

I followed the instructions and there is no “Delete Card on File” button under the Update Credit Card pull down under my account.

Under the Subscriptions section I assume your Tablo is listed?

Assuming so, on the far right there should be a ‘Options’ section and under that an ‘Options’ button with a gear icon. Click the ‘Options’ button and one of the options should be ‘Delete Subscription’. When you select it the next screen asks you when you would like the subscription to end and one of the options is ‘At the end of the current period’ which I think is what you are looking for.

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