Delete not releasing space

I have 2 Tuner, 64GB (internal).
I just realized all recordings over the summer had failed (wasn’t watching any… summer and all) due to “Recording failed because there was no free space” error.

I went ahead and deleted every single recording and I still see the internal disk is full and recordings continue to fail. What is chewing up all the space and how do I free it up?

Auto-delete is turned on and recording is limited to only 2 episodes for every series.

Appreciate any help.


Check in the morning to see if overnight maintenance has scrubbed the ghost and orphan recordings.

Do you have an external HDD? Or just the internal 64GB?

Thanks for the response.
I will check, however, I don’t expect it to improve tomorrow AM because I cleaned up once last week and yet recordings continued to fail. In fact, there were only 5 episodes to delete today.
Tablo thinks 58.77GB out of 64GB are used and only 16.78MB are remaining (doesn’t add up, but whatever).

Only the internal 64GB. It has been sufficient up until now…

I’ve never let my dual 64 fill up. Maybe pulling the power and repower would send it into a different maintenance check. I’m sure support can connect and clear it up. But that’s what over night scrubbing is suppose to do.

Hmm, I did power it down one time…
Maybe I will hit up support…

No change in status overnight. Opened a ticket.

Very odd indeed. The team has received your ticket, you should be hearing from us soon.

In the meanwhile, can I hook up an external HD? I haven’t looked up the process of using an external HD… just plug it into the USB port?