Delete confirmation

I would like to request one simple feature. On the Apple TV when you select Delete All there should be a conformation. That dang remote is slippery…

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It is indeed!

I’ve passed this along to the team.


Still no conformation on the Delete All command on the Apple TV? Either no one is using this function or I’m the only one who ever swiped up a little too far

There is indeed a confirmation requirement:

Are you not getting a warning like this?

No, not on my apple TV. I will test again tonight

I get the Delete All/Delete All Watched/Cancel choices but if you scroll past delete all watched accidentally and click on delete all then no confirmation. You simply lose all your shows.

I got the apple TV 4k when I delete a show I have to go to delete then the conformation red delete come up. The red is the conformation on a single or all show to be deleted.