Delete by season or group delete?


Is there a way to delete all episodes in a season without doing one recording at a time? Or is there a way to activate a delete option where the user can select multiple recordings and then click delete to remove them all at once?

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Some of the 3rd party extraction tools can do this (e.g. SurLaTablo). -q 'Legends of Tomorrow - s02e' -c DeleteX

That would delete titles matching the query (in this case Legends of Tomorrow Season 2).

It’s a oft requested feature of the Tablo product itself.

I can’t believe you would delete the entire second season of Legends of Tomorrow? What are you thinking!


(but if they are already transferred to Plex…)

You’re forgiven. :grinning:

Would be even nicer if, at the same time, we could tell Tablo to NOT record them again. while still continuing to record other seasons/episodes. :slight_smile:

You can protect those you want to save and then delete the rest. Won’t let you delete just one season by season number though.

This trick makes sense only when you need to keep a few episodes, as you still need to set the protection flag one at a time.