Delay/schedule comskip upload

Whenever a recording eligible for commercial skip and finishes recording it begins it’s upload (I think a tuner must also be available not sure). My Internet is 5down/1up (realistically more like .5down/.1up but I digress) and when the upload from Tablo starts my internet essentially stops working and comes to a crawl. Is there a way we could delay all the uploads to happen at a scheduled time? The guide updates seem to happen overnight which works well so wondering if something similar can be done for recordings for comskip.

Yes, a tuner is needed to process the ff/rew preview frames before commercial skip can attempt to do the commercial skip process. If preview frames can’t be generated, then commercial skip will not attempt to process the recording.

When commercial skip was in the initial beta testing, I had an Internet speed of 5 down and 0.5 up and had the same problem you are describing. At times my modem would crash and I would have to reboot it before I could get normal communications again. Tablo Support did check my unit and determined that it was was my slow upload speed that was causing all of my problems and that it was necessary to have a minimum of 1 up to be able to work properly. When you turn commercial skip on it warns you that you need a minimum of 1 up to work properly.

Since you stated that realistically you only have 0.1 up, I would say that you shouldn’t try to use commercial skip unless you are willing to suffer the consequences!

I currently have a connection with 15 down and 1 up and commercial skip does work correctly for me with only minor slow downs on other applications and no modem lock ups when uploading data.

I truly doubt that Tablo will be interested in attempting to delay commercial skip processing because most customers want it processed as quickly as possible and the majority of users have faster internet than we have. Sorry, but unless you can get a faster internet service, I think you are out of luck.

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Ya, I can upgrade to 10/1, or 25/1 but it’s always 1 upload no matter what (and that’s now upwards of $150/month).

During middle of the day and late at night (1am-7am) my speeds do increase sometimes even above what I have so thought it would be nice. Recordings tend to be in Primetime which coincides with when my internet is terrible. For what it’s worth the comskips do tend to work/succeed but I as stated my internet blows up for anything else, I often can’t even open Google homepage.